EURO SHOPPER™ is a successful discount brand developed and marketed exclusively by AMS. The label was designed to meet the needs of AMS Shareholder members for whom “quality” is a key element in marketing strategy and positioning, and who prefer not to stock sub-standard C brands. A discount range, however, is a must-have in retail, and the “low price/good quality” EURO SHOPPER™ products provide an economical and appealing alternative. The brand has become an integral part of the service that AMS provides its shareholders and member distributors.

There are two EURO SHOPPER™ categories: National EURO SHOPPER™ products sourced by retailers in just one country in order to meet the specific demands of consumers in that region; and standardized International EURO SHOPPER™ products sourced and bulk-purchased by AMS for all its members. The EURO SHOPPER™ range is now sold in 5 countries across Europe.

Brand values

An instantly recognizable logo is a key element in creating high brand awareness. Today, the EURO SHOPPER™ shopping-trolley logo and distinctive packaging is a familiar sight to shoppers in supermarkets across Europe. AMS regularly consults with its partners to ensure consistent packaging design for the diverse range of national and international EURO SHOPPER™ products. By regularly updating the design and content of the EURO SHOPPER™ range in line with changing consumer trends, AMS ensures that its distributors are always able to offer shoppers appealing, good quality products at great value for money.

  • Economy brand
  • Exposure in store is dominant
  • Good quality – low price
  • International brand recognition
  • Established since 1996
  • Customers trust the brand


The EURO SHOPPER™ range was launched in 1996 and, within just one year, grew to a portfolio of 100 products. By 2000, the number had quadrupled, and it continued to grow as the EURO SHOPPER™ marketing department was integrated with that of AMS own-label sourcing in 2002. The label was redesigned in 2003, after which it continued to expand into new markets, such as Iceland (2005), and the UK (2006). The product design is constantly updated to refresh and position it to further growth.

Benefits for distributors

The EURO SHOPPER™ range is an ideal example of how pooled-volume buying makes it possible to offer better quality at lower prices. The popular range currently includes some 300 food and non-food products. EURO SHOPPER™ has proven to be highly appealing to the shoppers who are increasingly cost-conscious, but who desire more than simply the “cheapest” available. The range is available to AMS shareholders as well as to distributor members.