In the food industry, quality assurance is paramount. AMS implements strict food safety and quality standards.

AMS only sources products that are safe, of a consistent, specified quality, and produced in accordance with EU directives and the national regulations of the member states. We also help ensure product quality by implementing and adopting the Quality Assurance systems of our members, and by developing our own systems where necessary.

AMS has adopted the approved standards of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as the technical audit standards for all its food and near-food products. The requirements of these standards can be found at the GFSI website. All AMS suppliers must be certified according to the GFSI standards by an independent accredited auditing body.



Bilka, Salling Group, Denmark

Responsible Sourcing at AMS

AMS is committed to build sustainable food supply chains that will benefit our planet and stakeholders. AMS ensures that it conducts its activities in full compliance with the applicable legal rules.

Our aim is to create responsible profit that ensures social, environmental and economic value. We believe that the most effective and fastest way to scale up responsible sourcing of products is working together with our shareholders and suppliers, who can make the demand for responsible sourcing mainstream. Our mission, ‘Buying Together Better’, is to improve the standards in sourcing, by connecting and creating synergy. Harmonizing the Sustainable Standards of our shareholders will lead to clarity and efficiency in the ‘sustainable’ food supply chains.