Sourcing expertise

After more than 35 years of intensive international sourcing, AMS has acquired unprecedented expertise in this field. We have managed to build up a solid core of suppliers throughout the world with a proven track record of reliability, while establishing extremely strong and extensive professional networks. This, along with the cultural diversity of our experts who represent all the markets we are active in, makes AMS an ideal local – as well as international – representative for our shareholders and members.

Musgrave, Ireland

Private Label Sourcing

AMS carries out private label sourcing on a pan-European scale, awarding contracts across the continent for its partners’ private label products in the food and non-food segments. AMS invites suppliers to tender for contracts in a wide variety of categories through the AMS Marketplace – a highly efficient, and extremely secure, web-based tendering system. In some categories the cooperation between AMS and suppliers is based on long term agreements.

Our international trading experts have in-depth knowledge of the value chain, and are constantly exploring ways to innovate, and to increase efficiency and effectiveness. This knowledge center can be accessed directly by all AMS partners, and the synergy of shared experience can significantly reduce the time-to-market of new product launches. The success of one partner with a product in a particular market, for example, can be the catalyst for the successful launch of another product by an AMS partner in a different country.