Benefits of AMS

AMS Sourcing B.V. offers considerable benefits to its partners and the suppliers we work with. Partners have exclusive access to AMS buying and market knowledge that enables them to benefit from best-buying practices, improve profitability, and create synergies. For suppliers, AMS can offer an outstanding trading opportunity with greater potential volumes and access to new markets.



Morrisons, Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc, United Kingdom

The advantages of being an AMS shareholder

  • Successful experienced buying team of 40 people, delivering great service
  • Market know-how
  • Multi-country buying experience
  • Improved profitability
  • Creating synergies
  • Best commercial conditions
  • Combined purchasing volume
  • EURO SHOPPER™ economy brand



The advantages of being an AMS supplier

  • Access to 8 leading European retailers with 13.750  stores in 20 countries
  • Entry into new markets with combined retail sales
  • Expanded bulk-volume potential
  • International access for fast-moving consumer goods
  • Work with a professional buying team