About AMS

AMS is an Amsterdam-based, non-profit, strategic-buying alliance that currently works on behalf of 8 top European food retailers. Since 1988, the alliance has been initiating, managing, and coordinating joint-buying activities for its shareholders and, later, for EURO SHOPPER™ distributor members as well.

By pooling and leveraging our retailers’ expertise and volume to source private label products on an international scale, AMS is able to deliver the best possible quality goods at competitive prices. This enables retailers to offer shoppers greater value for money, which improves their bottom line and gives them a clear competitive edge in today’s fast-moving retail market.



Delhaize, Ahold Delhaize, Belgium

AMS’ buying service includes private labels in food, near-food, non-food and goods-not-for-resale. We also offer shareholders and members the shelf-ready, AMS-developed EURO SHOPPER™ discount brand – the pan-European budget range, which is currently sold in more than 6 different countries.

  • Pan-European strategic buying alliance
  • Representing 5 European retailer shareholders and 3 members
  • Providing FMCG commodities
  • Covering 20 countries across 13.750  stores
  • Over 35 years of experience


Our Mission

To initiate, coordinate and manage joint sourcing amongst AMS members, and to explore and leverage their combined sales potential – thereby reducing the cost of goods and services.

Our Vision

To align our stakeholders in order to create the maximum, mutually beneficial synergy between them and suppliers.

Our Values

We believe that a well-balanced company culture is extremely important when operating in an international, multi-cultural environment. This belief is reflected in the values that are the driving force of our organisation.